Also known as ‘the Big Apple’ or ‘the city that never sleeps’ , NY is the most populuos city in the United States with over 8 milion people. My home country where I’m from counts a little more than just the half of this number, so you get the picture. NY is consisted of 5 boroughs which are separate counties of the State New York- Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island.

Visting New York was always high on my #bucketlist of places to visit and the fact that I was about to go there exactly on my birthday, was just an icing on the cake.

Our four day plan was to see some of the biggest attractions like- Top of the Rock from where you can have the bird eye view on the whole city, have a picnic in Central Park, see the Times Square, Flatiron Building, go to 9/11 Memorial, Wallstreet, Brooklyn Bridge and then to do the rest, if there’s time left. Four days in this city is nothing, but we still managed to see main attractions and feel it’s contagious vibe.

The only better way of spending your birthday in NYC is – flying above it.

There are no words to describe the feeling up there…

Actually, there is – wind all in your face, teary eyes, shakey hands… But. It’s worth it, trust me.

Being able to fly over NY I felt so alive and grateful. In my wildest dreams never have I imagined I’d spend my birthday like that. Up there, I remember thinking – ‘Wow, this is where it all happens. Movies, music videos, everything that I was able to watch just on TV before that moment- its happening here. And I’m above it, looking at it, absorbing it all in.’


Cheaper altenative to see NY from above is

1) to go to some of the many rooftops, rooftop bars or

2) go to the top of the Rockefeller Centre.

As every basic tourist- we chose the second. Ticket costs around 40$ but it also depends on the time of the day you want to go. Sunset time is most popular so be aware that the tickets are a bit more expensive around that time. One important thing – save yourself from big lines on the entrance- make sure to buy your ticket online. Be there 10-15 mins before your scheduled time and wait they call you to step inside.

Tour starts with a short movie about Rockefeller family and after that you get to go to the top where you can spend as much as time as you want and take milions of pictures and videos- as we did, ofcourse.


Most touristic spot in NY, probably, but hey, that’s NY. If you’re going to complain on big tourist crowds, that’s simply not a place for you.

A cool place to see and chill out there a little bit, but beware of pickpocketers or people trying to sell you stuff. Also, if you’re on budget or simply don’t want to spend ridicolous amount of money on food or souvenirs, save it for somewhere else, Brooklyn Bridge for example. That’s where I found the cheapest souvenirs (10$/10 magnets).

Upper East Side, Midtown West, Herald Street

You can never go wrong with just strolling around the city. For bigger distances we would use a Lyft, but most of the time we would just walk, walk and walk. For me, that’s the best way of getting to know the city, to get lost in it’s streets. Try out different street food. Feel it’s vibe.

In the next posts I’ll be taking you to Central Park, Flatiron Building, 9/11 Memorial and Brooklyn Bridge so stay tuned 🙂

7 thoughts on “BIRTHDAY IN NEW YORK

  1. It’s my biggest wish to go to New York one day! Your photos are amazing and it really sounds like you had an amazing time, l really hope I’ll visit New York soon.

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