Undeniably, walking across the Brooklyn Bridge is one of the essential things to do when in New York.

Connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan, this 137 year old bridge took nearly 14 years to be built back in 1883, carring the death of dozens of people who were working on it.

Almost 2 kilometers long (1.825m / 1.3 mile), it will take you about an hour to walk all the way across it, including the stops for taking the pictures. Big crowds are inevitable here, but the most important thing is – stay in pedestrian lane and beware of bike riders. They are fast and they don’t care if you’re in their way so be careful.

Brooklyn Bridge is probably the best spot to buy cheap souvenirs, because, let’s face it, everyone will want a souvenir from NY. The prices were from 1$ per magnet.

Once at the bridge, lovely views of Lower Manhattan start to appear and the views get better and better approaching the Brooklyn side.

Getting off the bridge, the crowds will lead you to – DUMBO (short for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass), a neighbourhood in the NYC, borough of Brooklyn. From there, you can see the Manhattan Bridge framing the Empire State Building. Pretty cool, right?

After Dumbo, we went to Brooklyn Heights promenade, just in time for sunset, which was actually totally unplanned, but right on time we got to see one of the most beautiful sunsets ever.

Moments like these really remind you how beautiful and unique life is

Never in my wildest dreams have I imagined how beautiful sunset in New York could be. Sun going down, milions of city lights lightning up, one remarkable scene that will forever stay imprinted in my mind. It was more than a perfect way to end my trip to this city.

With this post I’m ending the NY series of posts, but in the next one I’ll give you some simple tips on how to plan your short visit to NY just like I did so stay tuned 🙂