Who is writing?

Antonela, a young individual behind this blog.

A person with many different interests and creative pursuits in life- #multipotentialite as I recently discovered that term.

Some of them are:

  • #books
  • #photography
  • #writing
  • #human psychology
  • #spirituality
  • #fitness
  • #adrenaline activities

One thing I’m most passionate about and which I will write the most are my travels. Lately I’ve been travelling a lot which inspired me to share my experiences with like-minded people who are passionate about travelling as much as I am. To me, it is not just about posting insta-worthy pictures, it’s much more.

I’m travelling to know myself, to dive into deepest layers of my own personality, feelings, patterns and behavior. To learn and improve in every single area I can.

There were some tough periods in my life but one of them particularly inspired me to move and go out there in the world, step out of my comfort zone and go after what I want. The period when I had the time to sit down and dwell on my life is when I decided that life is just to short to postpone things and plans, that there is just too much life out there needed to be lived, now. Not after I finish college (that’s why I still didn’t finish it 😂) not after the weather gets better, not after this and that. Because there will always be a reason why not now.

Life is here and now, and it can literally all change tomorrow.

So, to wrap it all up – on this site I will write about variety of things I’m interested in and like to read about. It will mostly be about my travels but other than that about everything else I feel like writing in the given moment.

Thank you for reading.