There are plenty of reasons why I started this blog. First of all – I love writing. I like to be able to express myself whether that is through writing, taking pictures, dancing or somehow else. Let’s be honest, social media has become essential part of our lives. So I started thinking like – I’m spending a good amount of time on Instagram and Facebook, so might as well do something smart with it. Since I started travelling a little more lately, I got a lot of incouraging messages from different people. I also got a lot of questions on how I travel, how do I afford it, how I started etc. So this blog will also hold answers to all those questions.

I find my inspiration on other, mostly travel blogs. I love seeing what drives other people, how they think, how they express themselves. And I’m always thinking to myself – if others can do it, why can’t I?

‘Don’t be afraid to share your story. Especially the ugly and scary parts because it’s real and it matters. And when you send it out to the world, you are giving someone else the courage to do the same.’

I can spend hours just reading someone’s experiences, looking at their travel posts, pictures (stalker alert!). A lot of places which I visited myself, I found exactly on those kind of profiles, blogs. That’s exactly why I also started to post so much on my travels. I love to capture and show to people whatever is interesting to my eye. You never know how you will impact others. And if I did inspire someone, somewhere out there, even just one single soul – I did it. Little things like that make me happy, simple as that.